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Learn the history of Art with Hortense the great Historian professor ever ! Throughout your training, you will discover how painting, cinema, architecture, sculpture, design, etc. can influence a current, an era. Hortense will share with you all of her work methodology, knowledge and historical anecdotes through an accessible and fun videos . At the end of the training, you will be able to identify a work, historical or current influences at the first glance! From antiquity to the Middle Ages, you will cross the Art centuries to contemporary art.

History of Ancient Art
19th century painting & sculpture
The Art Nouveau
The architecture

The fashion
The Plastic Arts
The Egyptian Art
The Greek Art


In this training course, she will teach you to study a work: How to read a painting? A sculpture? A picture? With her, follow the steps and create a research notebook using the video lessons, the course materials and validate your skills with a case study.


The active pedagogy of our experts and  training coaches will allow you to develop your skills and achieve your School Online University « History of Art » certificate.

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